Annual Budget Consultation

Various Church Campaign Resources include information about current commitment Sunday campaigns, mission oriented campaigns, letter and direct mail campaigns, small group meeting campaigns, delivery campaigns, every member visitation campaigns, and year-round and holistic campaigns that are created by leading church campaign champions.

Annual Budget and Stewardship Programs Packet

An entire Annual Budget & Stewardship Programs packet is available from the Minnesota United Methodist Foundation office, located in Minneapolis. The packet offers a complete listing of suggested campaigns and programs for each of the above-mentioned stewardship themes. The packet also includes cost and ordering information for each of the programs.

Planning Workbook

The Minnesota United Methodist Foundation also offers a Planning Workbook guide for individuals who desire to be proactive in providing information for their families. Further, it is hoped persons will find it useful in setting goals, drafting plans for future endeavors, and planning for the eventual distribution of their assets. The workbook is an excellent stand-alone resource and can be used as a precursor to working with a qualified professional to write a final estate plan. The workbook is available in the Foundation office and carries a cost of $7.

Resource Library

Various books, programs and materials are available for purchase, checkout or reference either at the Foundation web site or at the Foundation office: 122 West Franklin Ave, Suite. 508, Minneapolis.