About Local Church Stewardship

Foundation Statement on Stewardship and Generosity

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Stewardship is whatever we do with what God has entrusted to us by the way that we live. In response to God’s outpouring love and covenant faithfulness, we live out of God’s abundance instead of out of the illusion of scarcity thinking. We seek to nurture generous living in ourselves and others, affirming the redemptive power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and expressing our confidence in God’s transforming work among us. This beautiful natural world is a loving gift from God. Together we pledge ourselves to assist God’s vision of creation’s renewal, to advocate for justice and peace, to measure our carbon footprint, and to practice hope as we support transforming ministries, becoming better stewards of God’s creation. Trusting in the presence of the Risen Christ and of the Holy Spirit among us, we embrace the spiritual discipline of first-fruits living: offering to God the first and the best of all that God has given us and managing all the rest according to God’s generosity. This daily practice includes giving our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness on God’s behalf.

*Adapted from the United Methodist Council of Bishops’ Pastoral Letter in God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action, 2009.


Local Church Stewardship Programs

There are many resources for local church stewardship and the Foundation is an excellent location to learn about many of these resources.

Promotional Materials

The Foundation can offer promotional materials that will benefit the local church by providing ease and understanding to the nature of giving to the church.

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