Church Legacy Giving Articles

Lately, as individuals and families consider and choose to provide a financial gift, they realize that there are many many choices for recipients to receive their generosity.

Of all the giving options, we hope the local church is near the top of their list. A local church provides great benefit to themselves, their neighborhood and community.

Cross blueAs time goes by, individuals may need prompting to think about their local church when it comes to giving.

The following legacy giving articles work well to insert into a bulletin, a newsletter or an email. The articles are meant to remind folks of the possibilities they can offer their local church by giving a legacy gift that supports some mission or program offered by the church.

As always, a representative from the Minnesota United Methodist Foundation would be willing to assist you or your church with any legacy giving.                                                                Contact us for more information.

Your Legacy Carol

One Resolution to Keep

It’s Springtime Again

Marking Milestones

Beyond Ourselves