Local Church Examples

Do you know if your local church has an endowment program? How about a planned giving program? How does your church promote year-end giving?

Many churches have endowment programs, but often folks don’t know they exist, let alone what their purpose is.

Luverne UMC

Luverne UMC – Luverne, MN

Planned Giving programs sometimes take momentum to get off the ground – solid brochures can assist with this process.

Year-end giving can be more than simple reminders placed within your church’s bulletin.

You can promote and inform about your local church’s endowment, planned-giving and year-end giving programs by using simple brochures.

The following are a couple of examples:

Hennepin Avenue UMC Year End Giving

Luverne UMC Endowment Fund

Portland Avenue UMC Planned Giving

If your church has programming brochure examples that you would be interested in displaying, send them to us.

The Minnesota United Methodist Foundation can also assist your local church with the brochure process, we have many examples to use and would be interested to know that you are working towards this programming.

Contact us for more information.