Val Walker –

Val Walker


Val Walker promotes the Foundation investment portfolio, develops stewardship materials, trains and consults with finance and stewardship committees, and coaches pastors and stewardship leaders on annual budgets and capital campaigns.

Previously the president of Val Walker Associates, Inc., she has experience in fundraising, coaching and consulting, fund campaign operation, leadership coaching, feasibility studies, research, development, and public relations.

She has served on numerous denominational committees, including United Methodist Communications and the Committee to Study Ministry. She currently serves on the Minnesota Conference on Finance and Administration.

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Aaron Jones


Aaron Jones –

Aaron Jones is the MNUMF Administrative Assistant and divides his time between database, document management, creating and revising Foundation resources, mailings and other office tasks.

He has a degree in Economics, enjoys working in the non-profit world and is involved with other Minnesota United Methodist “gatherings”.

Aaron is the proud father of three boys, who keep he and his wife Marcia Alexander quite busy.

Contact Aaron at 612-230-3337 or