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On behalf of the Minnesota United Methodist Foundation, we welcome you to the website and hope you find all that you need.

To Inspire Spiritual Growth through Generosity –

The Foundation is seeking a person to work half-time in the area of planned and legacy giving within local churches.

The person will be responsible for cultivation, development of materials and presentation of planned giving seminars within local churches throughout Minnesota. They will be responsible for implementing a multi-faceted plan to promote legacy giving among United Methodists.

For more information, contact Val Walker, 612-230-3337, or val.walker@mnumf.org.

Save the Date!

Thursday, April 12 there is a Stewardship and Generosity Seminar with Dr. Clayton Smith

Reverend Doctor Clayton Smith has served as an Executive Pastor of Generosity at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection since September 2005. For 25 years prior to this, Clayton served as Senior Pastor in the Missouri Area at three different churches. Clayton gives executive level leadership to ministry areas of stewardship, development and generosity. Clayton enjoys teaching and consulting with local churches and leaders on stewardship programs and financial campaigns.

For more information, contact Val Walker, 612-230-3337, or val.walker@mnumf.org.


Be sure to request your free Wills Guide under the Gift Planning link as well. If you would like to set up a planned giving seminar for your church, contact Val Walker, val.walker@mnumf.org or by phone – 612.230.3337.

We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information, contact Val Walker, Minnesota United Methodist Foundation, 612-230-3338, or Val.Walker@mnumf.org.